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Your Ski Tour Programme

From the time of your arrival to the time of your departure, here's what your 9 day tour will entail

Ski Course Manager

British Ski Instructor Team

6 full days skiing

All day instruction

Attainment Certificate

Executive Coach Travel

6 nights full board accommodation

Entertainments programme

Evening meal on departure night

Free teacher places

Party Leader welcome pack

Single admin contact

What's included in your tour

Departure Day

Depart School

Channel Crossing


Day 2

Arrive in resort


Resort Orientation

Ski Fitting

Evening Meal

Evening Entertainment

Day 3-7

Morning ski lessons


Afternoon ski lessons

Evening entertainment

Day 8

Vacate rooms

Morning ski lessons


Afternoon ski lessons

Return Ski Equipment

Evening meal

Depart resort by coach

Day 9

Channel Crossing

Arrive School

Ski Tour Programme

Your ski programme can be tailored to suit your needs but in general, our weekly programme remains the same for most groups.

From your time of arrival in resort to your departure on the final day, we will aim to maximise your skiing time as well as your time off the slopes, whether that is for some well earned relaxation or to take part in more sporting activities.

Ski Course Manager

During your week, your tour will be coordinated by one of our Ski Course Managers, who will be familiar with our skiing programmes, the resort set-up and all of the evening entertainments that are on offer.  The Course Manager is responsible not only for the coordination of your tour but also for the direction of the Ski Instructor team and will liaise with them daily to ensure that adequate progress is being made by the students.

Ski and Boot Fitting

Our ski fitting and equipment hire is provided by some of the best equipped ski shops, all of which are run by fully trained staff with many years of ski equipment fitting experience. This not only ensures the correct fit of your equipment but also ensures the equipment is appropriate for your size, weight and skiing ability, all of which are key safety considerations.

Ski Lessons

Once we have your final passenger list we will work with you to establish the ski ability of the students and then allocate them to a ski group with other students of a similar ability.  These groups are then allocated to our instructors who will be responsible for them for the duration of their ski course.  We recognise that some students develop their skiing skills at different rates, so over the course of the week we will continually assess the students and switch them between ability groups to ensure their safety and enjoyment.


A typical ski day will start at 9 am with a short warm-up.  Lessons will be provided all morning by one of our instructors with a break for lunch at around 12 am.  Lessons will then resume at approximately 1 pm, or sometimes earlier and will run until at least 3:30 pm.  The amount of skiing for each group is dictated by the ski instructor who will continually assess the ability of the group, their energy levels, the snow conditions as well as the current weather, all of which can have an effect on the amount of time the students should be on the slopes.

Ski Certificates

At the end of the week your students will be presented with a Ski Gower certificate by their Ski Instructor at our awards ceremony.  Each student will be given an attainment level based on our the Ski Gower ski  development criteria having been continually assessed over the course of the week by their Instructor.

Awards are divided into 3 separate levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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