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About Ski Gower

We're Ski Tour specialists providing complete packages to prestigious Swiss resorts, with all day lessons from our own team of British Ski Instructors

A school ski tour company with over 60 years of experience

Ski Gower are a family owned and operated ski company and have been organising school ski trips to Switzerland since the late 1950’s.  In fact, we are probably one of, if not the longest running UK based Ski Tour Operator.

Our model hasn't changed in all those years, we are still using British ski instructors to deliver our lessons and we continue to provide all day instruction, giving an unparalleled amount of tuition and value for money for the students. 


Your skiing experience

​We have selected 3 high-altitude, prestigious Swiss resorts for this seasons winter programme, all of which have accessible skiing above 2000 metres giving our Customers the assurance of the best possible snow conditions.  In over 60 years, Ski Gower has not had to relocate any of its Customers due to poor snow conditions.

The slope management of our resorts is also second to none; the pistes are groomed to perfection for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Ski Instruction

Ski Gower have always used their own school of Ski Instructors.  Why? because we believe that this gives our Customers the very best in tuition, there's no language barrier and we also provide far more teaching time and therefore progression than any other ski company.

Our instructors are responsible for your group from the start of skiing until the end of the skiing day.


Group Safety

Safety is always at the forefront of our minds, whether its the standard of the coach you are travelling on, the risk assessments that need to be created prior to your trip, or the safety of the students whilst on the slopes.

We take safety seriously, so you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands, from the start to the finish of your tour.

Our instructors are always assigned to the resorts that they are familiar with, ensuring that they have prior knowledge of the ski areas.  Where Instructors are new, we always give them familiarisation time in resort.

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