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School Skiing Tours to Saas Fee

A superb choice for your Easter school ski holiday. Saas Fee is one of the very highest resorts in Europe.

The skiing ranges from 1,800 metres right up to 3,600 metres, where many enthusiasts can enjoy their summer ski holiday as well as their winter ski holiday, as the resort of Saas Fee is open all year around.

This means of course that your school ski holiday is totally snow-sure. Whilst most European resorts will offer snow surety in the busy week of February half-term, Saas Fee will offer snow surety for your school ski holiday at Easter every year, right up to the end of April.

There are over 100kms of piste in Saas Fee with 22 lifts. The modern Metro-Allalin system, with its 30 man gondolas whisks skiers away from the village once a minute, producing one of the fastest uplift systems in the Alps for any school ski holiday. No wasted time in Saas Fee.

The beginners will start their school ski holiday in the village, where there are four lifts. From there, the progression is to the nice easy blues in the centre of piste between Morenia (2,500m) and Felskin (3,000m). Intermediates will start at this point and can progress to the slopes at the top of the resort at 3,600m by taking Europe’s highest underground train from Felskin to Mittelallalin and enjoy the tough reds and blacks in some of the purest mountain air you will ever breathe.

Saas Fee also offers the wide, steep pistes at Platjen and the more technical reds and blacks above Spielboden, where you can get a view of the awesome nature of glacier as you ski down alongside it.

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British ski instructors for your school ski trip

Your students will get maximum time on snow for several reasons:-

  • British Skiing Instructors are reserved exclusively for your school ski holiday. Your British instructors will accompany you from the accommodation on the local shuttle-bus to Saas Fee and walk you through the traffic-free village to where your skis and boots will be stored. Beginners will walk up to the beginners’ area and the intermediates will walk down to the Metro-Allalin gondolas. You will start skiing as soon as you arrive and so the students will receive a minimum of 2 ½ hours instruction in the morning followed by a packed lunch either on the slopes or, in bad weather, in a specially created room at Morenia, and then at least 2 ½ hours instruction before the end of the skiing day. The school ski holiday will therefore comprise of over 30 hours' of ski instruction per week.
  • Making things even better for the students are the minimal lift queues. The beginners will probably never have more than a dozen people to queue behind and the intermediates will use the 30 man Metro-Allalin gondola to whisk them away from the village. Up the mountain the queues for the chairs are minimal and so the students will get the maximum value from their school ski holiday.
  • Our students have commented over many years that being taught on a school ski holiday by native English speakers has helped them enormously with the ability to pick-up the sport and progress their skiing to new heights.
  • The school ski holiday has traditionally been the most enjoyable of school trips but having English-speaking Instructors and their British humour adds another level of enjoyment for the students.
  • Your British Ski Instructors will assess your students every minute of the school ski holiday and if someone is progressing well, it's possible to move up a group at the end of the day. Moreover, because of the communication and flexibility of our school ski holiday instructors this can also happen after lunch.

The accommodation in Saas Grund for your school ski holiday

Your school ski holiday accommodations are in Saas Grund, just 7 minutes by bus below Saas Fee and comprise of small owner-managed and family-run hotels that hold groups of up to 60 students and staff.

So, basically one full coach will provide you with exclusive use of a hotel for your school ski holiday in Saas Fee. All the rooms have a shower and toilet and on the ground floor there is a restaurant for breakfast and for the home-cooked evening meal. A packed lunch is provide to take up the mountain.

The downstairs are has a lounge where the students and staff can relax and there are games and a TV available for a film show.

The evening entertainment in Saas Grund and Saas Fee

Your school ski holiday will be complete with the following evening activities:-

  • Swimming at the brand new pool in Saas Fee.
  • Ice cream night at a local hotel in Saas Grund or
  • Pizza night at a local hotel in Saas Grund.
  • Snow and Style evening on Wednesdays in peak season. A torch-light descent and ski demonstration from the Saas Fee Ski School.
  • Micro-bowling in Saas Fee.