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Yes, it’s been an awesome winter over in Davos, Fiesch and Leysin. But as Tom Waits says, you can never hold back spring.

As for us this now means that the Ski season is drawing to a close.

So what advice do I have for next year’s Skiing season? I’m not an expert, but there are a few things I’ve learned over time about skiing.

Dress accordingly: Layers are always the best idea. It will start off pretty cold but as the time goes on you may start to warm up, so peel off layers of clothes as the day goes on. Also, no matter how warm it gets or how hot you feel never wear shorts or a Tshirt, Why? If you fall it is not going to be pleasant. Falling on snow is painful. The ice crystals will scratch and scrape your skin raw, also you will get extremely wet. So protect your skin, stay dry, and wear a shell.

Timing is everything: You might want to start your ski day a little bit later than usual if you want to avoid solid ice. Head out a little bit later and then follow the sun around the mountain, so you can catch the snow as it becomes softer.

Protect your skin – You need to protect your skin from the sun, wind and cold! Snow reflects the rays from the sun which is great for tanning but you don't seem to feel its power so pack plenty of sun cream!

Enjoy! A lot of people end their ski season when they no longer see snow in their own backyard. This is good for those of us who stick it out.  The mountain is a lot less crowded. Quieter. Just the way I like it.

So all the best for the upcoming year!

Gower Tours are already taking bookings for 2015 Ski groups. Don’t miss out, and get in touch.

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