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An Exciting Week

Well it’s been an exciting week this week as the school skiing season feels like it’s truly up and running now with our first 8 groups ski tour over with we are now Counting down the days until our first two Easter Ski groups head over to the slopes in Fiesch end of March.

The Preparation has well and truly begun. The next few week will consist of early mornings and late night for the Staff here at Gower. Our biggest group this year consists of 82 Adults, 10 Staff and 10 Ski instructors who will be heading to the slopes on the 3rd of April, so Fiesch watch out…

Currently the weather is Fiesch is perfect for Skiing we can even expect sunny weather. Morning temperatures will be around 3 °C. During the day they will reach a maximum of 18 °C. Low temperatures at night will be around 4°C. We have weak southwesterly winds.

Davos Skies are clear with only a with few clouds and plenty of sunshine The next few early mornings will drop to 4 degrees, Maximum temperature 12 degrees with Moderate easterly wind. The next few weeks will dip from sunny to cloudy.

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