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A school ski company with over 50 years of experience

School ski school

We are a small school ski company that has been operating school ski trips to Switzerland since the late 1950’s

We currently work with 4 high-altitude prestigious Swiss resorts and we use our own qualified and experienced British Ski Instructors to provide your students with all-day instruction and care. We have always offered a personal service and a huge benefit when you work with Ski Gower is that you will just have one point of contact.

Here at Ski Gower, from the point of enquiry until you return, you only work with one allocated person; no telephone call queues and no ‘press this, press that’

You will be provided with a personal email address and you will find that the response times to your emails will range from instant to no more than 24 hours. We will also respond to emails outside of working hours, including weekends and even when your personal tour operator is abroad.

A personal mobile number is also provided for 24 hour assistance whilst you are on tour.

Have a question? Just ask.

Would you like snow on your school skiing holiday? You’re safe with Ski Gower!

Many school ski companies will not give snow guarantees, mainly because the resorts they are operating into are too low to be snow sure at any other holiday period than during February half-term. What a nightmare it must be when you are bussed to a glacier, where every other school group from 50 miles around is also being bussed to that day.

Ski Gower has chosen Swiss resorts, moreover high-altitude Swiss resorts. We have not had to move a group to another resort or ever bus a group to another resort because of lack of snow in over 50 years of trading. Conversely we did move a school group in December one year, because there was too much snow in Saas Fee and they had to close the resort.

Would you like to actually stay in the accommodation you book and include in your letter to parents?

We keep things small and simple. We don’t purchase options and then consolidate accommodations so, quite simply you will stay in the accommodation that you were originally booked to stay in.

It all sounds so obvious, but we do try to make it easy for you so you will have peace of mind, as you know that your school skiing trip will be the responsibility of one consistent personal tour operator, your school group will be accommodated in and have full days’ instruction in the resort that you booked with Ski Gower.

How face-to-face visits from your school ski company make things smoother…

I was most impressed by the whole Gower organisation. The British ski instructors were highly efficient. Max and his staff run a good and friendly hotel service. Your organisation certainly seems to be the most successful
Matlock School Ski Trip to St. Moritz

We believe it is very helpful if your school ski company pays you a visit as soon as possible after booking to discuss your requirements and concerns. If you are interested in finding out more about Ski Gower as a school ski company, then for our customers in the U.K. your personal tour operator will make an appointment to come and see you as soon as possible. It is so much easier to come to an understanding of your aims and objectives and any specific issues that you might have by meeting you face-to-face. After our meeting, we proceed to put your schedule in place with our suppliers, so that you know that everything is booked well in advance.

Similarly, if you plan a presentation to your students and parents, we are usually able to come to school and present Ski Gower and your chosen resort or send promotional materials and photographs.

Straightforward administration from your school ski company - We keep it simple

If there is one thing we have learnt in the last 20+ years, it is that school teachers are getting busier and busier and the last thing they need is extra paperwork thrown at them by their school ski company.

The only paperwork necessary from you will be:

  1. Complete a Booking Form and send in the initial deposit.
  2. Send in the 2nd deposit two months later.
  3. Complete a Passenger List and send in the final balance payment 10 weeks before departure.

Sound easy? Inevitably you will have more school and LEA paperwork to do than this, but from our point of view this is all that a school ski company should need from a group leader.

N.B. The majority of ski shops do not require “sizes” so we do not even need for you to gather shoe size, weight and height information.